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ART Spiderjack Review

ART Spiderjack 3 The ART Spiderjack 3 was advertised as an elegant solution for doubled rope work. Used in conjunction with the rope guide pulley or rope guide twin line, it certainly has proven to be a very smooth, fast, and ergonomic solution, but often at the cost of setup time. I have found that the only time I employ this particular piece of gear is when I have a very large, wide spread canopy, with easy access to a high tie in point that can be isolated from the ground.

Singing Tree Rope Runner

The Singing Tree Rope runner is a midline attachable single rope unicender (friction management device). From what I have heard, my experience with this device is not representative of everyone’s experience, so I will try to address the discrepancy. The Rope runner is a perfectly functional device, and I have used it on Samson Mercury, both the older and newer version of Tachyon, as well as Poison Ivy, and have found I like its function on the Poison Ivy rope, but not any of