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The Part Time Arborist FAQ:

What you need to know

What will be covered ?

There will be 3 Main sections to this course 
1. Essential Gear: Save money starting out by knowing what the bare minimum needed to safely perform pruning operations in the canopy, and to more easily get a job contract climbing.  I will provide lists as well as explain the use of all the basic tools I recommend as being the "best bang for the buck" By the end of this section I expect each student to be able to build a kit for themselves within their budget that will accommodate their own needs and the jobs they expect to take.  
2. Essential climbing and pruning technique.  I will go through the two primary tree access methods moving rope systems (MRS) and stationary rope systems (SRT).  I'll also teach a handful of  techniques for moving around within a canopy without spikes, and the basics involved with making proper pruning cuts. and the basic pruning strategies for mature trees.  
3.  Essential business knowledge.  I will cover much of the general basics of starting your own business as well as a number of specific strategies for, figuring out your own pricing, bidding jobs, and deciding where to best reinvest your money to maintain a steady income.

What do I need to participate?

At a minimum you'll need a good Internet connection and a way to take notes, however the class is intended for those who have already begun to climb trees and to be able to accomplish all the assignments you must have access to the basic equipment necessary to access and move about in the canopy.

Will this be interactive or pre-recorded

This will be a live-streamed interactive event, similar to a zoom class where you will be able to ask questions and interact during the teaching portion and you will be given tasks to accomplish each evening.

If I can't attend a session live can I still see it?

Yes, if you miss the Live Stream for a specific class you can still watch the recording after the fact, and the recorded session will also be available after the course is close.

After the course will there be any follow up?

Yes! One of the best parts of this course is a 6 month free membership to the Exclusive Part Time Arborist Academy Facebook group. Here you'll be able to share pictures and videos of the work you've been doing, connect with other passionate tree workers, and get help from the tree service experts who moderate the group!

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