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Singing Tree Rope Runner

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

The Singing Tree Rope runner is a midline attachable single rope unicender (friction management device). From what I have heard, my experience with this device is not representative of everyone’s experience, so I will try to address the discrepancy. The Rope runner is a perfectly functional device, and I have used it on Samson Mercury, both the older and newer version of Tachyon, as well as Poison Ivy, and have found I like its function on the Poison Ivy rope, but not any of the others. Even with some adjustments I was unable to get smooth function with Tachyon, but only a rather harsh on/off friction application. The “beak” which is the contact point where your hand pulls down on the device to release the friction is rather uncomfortable. I have seen an aftermarket pad that can be installed to make it easier on the fingers but that is extra, and I haven’t used it. It’s difficult enough to release that my tough fingers will be hurting after an hour or so of use. One other point to note. Because this tool isn’t produced by a major manufacturer, there is some variability between devices, and it can be difficult (or impossible) to find replacement pieces as they inevitably wear out. Others have had much better experiences with this device, and I found it tends to work better with more static ropes like my Samson Mercury and Yale Poison Ivy.


1. Midline attachable (THIS IS A BIG TIME SAVER especially on 200’ plus ropes)

2. Some have managed to get smooth use out of this device (I have not)

3. One compact device for SRT (no extra hardware necessary)

4. Adjustable for multiple rope sizes


1. Difficult to adjust for rope size

2. Hard on the hands to operate

3. No replacement parts

4. Potential to install on rope wrong if not careful

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