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Silky Gunfighter

The Silky Gunfighter arborist handsaw is an evolution meant to be an improvement on the Silky Zubat, which is currently the most popular (for good reason) handsaw on the market, but is it better? That is the question I am here to answer. Short answer, no. The Gunfighter has two primary improvements, a tool-less quick change blade, and a gradually increasing tooth size for easier starting of cuts while still having the speed advantage of bigger teeth at the end of the stroke. I have now put extensive use on both the Zubat and the gunfighter and found that the quick release blade feature is more of a hindrance than a help as it frequently pops loose on its own, and the new teeth geometry makes a negligible difference in the speed of cutting. I do like the straight scabbard as it allows for easier mounting to saddle or leg (I have an unorthodox mounting configuration) and the blade can be put back facing either direction with is a plus. However, I prefer the curve of the Zubat as it lends itself to more efficient cuts while in the tree. So after a month of use with the new Gunfighter I will be switching back to my old Zubat. Keep trying there Silky, I appreciate the innovation, it just needs more refinement.

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