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Rig and Ring

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Now this isn’t exactly the Rig and Ring by Rope logic listed on, but it functions identically. Basically it is a ring and ring friction saver that has a much larger bend diameter for use as a retrievable rigging point. It is one of my most often used pieces of rigging. It is simple, functional, nearly foolproof to set up, and in the right scenario (read very wide open “U” shaped branch union) it can be retrieved with a simple overhand knot in the end of the rope no other hardware needed. I frequently keep this on my belt to set up a quick rigging point, as it takes up very little space, and is quickly deployed. The rigging rings make an excellent low friction surface for smooth ropeing, and when combined with a portawrap or other lowering device they make for safe smooth rigging. The only downside is the lack of adjustability, but I have made a few of different sizes for different situations. I would highly recommend!

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