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Petzl Zillon VS ART Positioner

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Here are two excellent options for a work positioning lanyard. Both allow for smooth one handed adjustment under tension and otherwise. Both are similar in cost, with the ART Positioner coming in at 139.99 without any rope for the lanyard, and the Zillon coming in at 219.95 -229.95 depending on length of lanyard which comes with two sewn eyes for extra security. There are some key differences however. The ART Positioner comes with a swiveling attachment point which conveniently simplifies the attachment to the harness, it also can accommodate a wire core lanyard due to its ability to come apart and the included hardware for changing the diameter of rope. The Zillon has the advantage of a smoother, more gradual release of line when trying to extend the lanyard under tension, and can actually be used as a secondary moving rope system, while I would not attempt the same with the ART Positioner due to the very sudden and complete release of tension. One other advantage to the ART device is the ability to replace individual wear parts rather than having to replace the whole unit when it begins to slip under tension. Both are excellent positioning devices, but I have found that in my own work I tend to prefer the Zillon for its smoothness of action, and the security of having two sewn eyes. With approximately a year of consistent but not full time use, I have not yet needed to replace my Zillon, and my ART has not seen much. The BREAKDOWN



1. VERY smooth

2. All in one solution ( no extra rope needed)

3. Versatile, can be used as DDRT system

4. Durable and lightweight


1. Doesn’t come apart for inserting a new rope (the new rope must be fed through and sewn or tied at each end)

2. Can’t accommodate a wire core lanyard

3. No Swivel

4. No Replaceable parts



1. Smooth action

2. Simple elegant design

3. Replaceable parts

4. Can accommodate most ropes and wire core lanyards

5. Comes with a swiveling attachment point

6. Slightly cheaper


1. Very sudden release and adjustment when under tension

2. No rope included

3. Only safe use is as a lanyard

The backside of my ART Positioner 2

Stock Image of the zillon rope adjustment device.

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