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Notch Quickie

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

The Notch Quickie is a new solution for several problems. The primary advantage of using the Quickie over a carabiner is its ability to be cross loaded against a trunk of the tree. Otherwise it functions similarly albeit with a much more inconvenient opening and closing mechanism. Removing the slic pin requires an ungloved hand and some care to avoid dropping. Consequently, its not ideal for situations where the TIP is moved with any sort of frequency. It can be used as one side of a retrievable redirect if the moving part of the rope is over the rounded part of the device, but the other edges are rather square and I have observed some undue wear if it is not oriented properly. I had hopes for this device and have found I don’t used it as often as I would have thought originally. It works well for basal anchors, or used as a choked TIP when ascending a vertical spar as a secondary tie to the flipline and spike routine typically used for big removals. It can allow for that easy and quick emergency belay to ground without the need for the rope to run over a lateral limb because it is choked off. Carabiners have the advantage of automatically locking as soon as they are released but the quickie requires a deliberate intentional reassembly and can be partially engaged and work itself free if the user isn't careful. So the Quickie is no substitute for carabiners, but can be a creative solution for other applications.


1. Tough

2. Simple(wish)

3. impossible to cross load

4. Compact

5. Lots of uses


1. Slow to use

2. Tedius

3. Loose parts in the tree

4. Sharp edges could damage rope

5. Doesn’t automatically lock like a carabiner.

6. Could come loose if it isn't secured properly.

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