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Petzl Zillon Review

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

The Petzl Zillon Lanyard is my go to work positioning lanyard. I have yet to find a rope based lanyard system that has the same combination of precise one hand adjustment both for taking in slack and extending under tension. I have replaced the rope that came with my first lanyard, not because it wore out after roughly a year of part time use, but because I wanted to replace the rope with some Sterling Tritech line for greater abrasion resistance, as well as some cut resistance for preventing an accident with my silky. The device still functions flawlessly with this new cord. This device can also be used as a natural crotch secondary ddrt climb system especially if the provided lanyard rope is exchanged for a longer one. The two main downsides of the Zillon lanyard are as follows: The release mechanism is sometimes triggered by branches or other ropes laying across the lanyard during used, and it does not yet come in a wire core version. All in all, I would recommend.


1. Very smooth action

2. One handed use

3. Large reputable company

4. Nylon cover over eye preserves orientation of carabiner

5. Lightweight


1. Not wire core

2. No integrated swivel

3. Pricy $$

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