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Monkey Beaver Saddle by New Tribe

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

The Monkey Beaver Saddle is a collaborative effort between August Hunicke and New Tribe (A PNW local company who hand makes climbing harnesses.) They have produced one excellent saddle. After starting out with an old school basic saddle, and moving to a newer Sherrill tree Edge (nearly identical to the Notch Sentinal ) and even trying a Tuefelberger tree motion S.Light, the Monkey Beaver saddle is by far my favorite. The one I currently have has held up beautifully to 2 years of full time use and is as comfortable as the first day I put it on. I have found that having a very large surface area of contact with my lower thighs and lower back makes for a very comfortable seat. I regularly spend all day pruning or removing trees, and I have not had any issues with hot spots, or other uncomfortable rubbing. The aluminum rings on the left side for tools are ergonomic, fixed, and easy to access. There are also convenient spots within the webbing on the right side for a Rock Exotica Transporter or Petzl Caritool there are even small steel rings in position for a shoulder harness to help support the weight. I have yet to use those, but I’m sure that will come soon. I could not recommend highly enough. Don’t be afraid to pay top dollar for the tool which most directly affects your comfort and performance all day every day in the tree. That is money WELL SPENT!


1. Ergonomic

2. Comfortable

3. Easily adjustable

4. Quick on and off

5. Hand made in the USA

6. Well thought out design details

7. Durable


1. Expensive

2. Heavier than some harnesses

My Personal Saddle plus a couple add-ons (transporter, throw weight, quickie...)

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