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Big Shot

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Gear Review: Big Shot

The Big Shot throw line slingshot tool is one of my favorite and most hated tools in my truck. It can be the most satisfying experience to land that perfect tie in point (TIP) on the first shot or it can be the most frustrating 45 minutes of the day as shot after shot bounces out just inches away from the intended target. I have found that with much practice my shots are more consistent and my throw weight gets snagged less and less often, however there are still those days where I’m throwing sticks across the yard in frustration. The Big Shot has an effective range of nearly 100’ for a well trained shot combined with the right weight (roughly 14 Oz) and a small diameter throw line like 1.5mm Dynaglide. There are several tricks involved with its effective use that I will detail in a tips and tricks video, but for the purposes of this review I will just detail the Pros and Cons


1. Easily hits otherwise difficult to hit targets in the 30-70’ range

2. Inexpensive (compared to other powered launchers)

3. Reliable and Simple

4. Universal (compatable with most any weight and line system)

5. Quick to reset if done properly.


1. Very particular about positioning of rope and weight for accurate firing

2. Not as accurate as other methods

3. Can cause a nasty tangled mess very easily

4. Difficult to gauge distances

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