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Strider Trees

Training, safe, efficient and capable climbing arborists


climber and groundsman training made simple

Contract Climbing Combined with Crew Instruction.

Running a tree service is hard, and finding the time and money to train the crew can be a struggle.  Having an inexperienced crew results in broken or damaged equipment, damaged client property, and too frequent injuries.  By hiring our instructor to conduct your crew on the job, you can upgrade your whole crew with expert knowledge, while still making money and avoiding any interruption in the services you deliver to your community.


Learn from the best

The only way to get top level training is with top level Instructors.  At Strider Trees we strive for excellence both with the techniques and in teaching. Our Youtube Channel is the clear proof of that.  


Exceptional Value

Instead of paying a set cost per employee to attend a class, which quickly gets expensive, both for tuition and because of the time commitment, bring the trainer to you and the whole crew can learn together for the same price.


Train On the Job

By training on an active job site, the crew gets hands on experience to help in remembering and practicing the new skills and techniques learned from our expert trainers, all while making the company money!


Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so sure you'll find the experience worthwhile that if you're unsatisfied by the end, your next training day will be free.


Services We Offer

Take Your Pick

Access our knowledge anytime

 Live Webinar designed for the aspiring arborist. In this muti-day live interactive event limited to 30 individuals we will be developing a clear plan for starting a side business making money climbing trees. 


Contract climbing combined with instruction

I come to your Job-site and coordinate your technical operations and accomplish the day's work while educating the crew on best practices and any specially planned aspects of the job.


Custom Course

We come to you with a 4 hour course in a topic of your choosing for example:

  • Crane Rigging 

  • Aerial Rescue

  • Techincal Rigging

  • Tree Risk Assessment 

  • Chainsaw safety 

  • Moving Rope Systems (MRS/DDRT)

  • Stationary Rope Systems (SRS/SRT) 

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Hire an Expert

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